OpenGL Superbible 5th Edition - Homework

listing 2.1 Create a triangle
listing 2.2 Deform a triangle using keyboard
listing 2.3 Deform a triangle automatically

listing 3.1 Draw a wireframe
listing 3.2 Only draw in a scissored region
listing 3.3 Blend squares and smooth lines

listing 4.1 Translate and rotate square
listing 4.2 Model, View, Projection Matrices
listing 4.3 Matrix Stack
listing 4.4 Matrix Stack With Sphere
listing 4.6 Camera
listing 4.7 Actors
listing 4.8 Light

listing 5.2 A textured pyramid
listing 5.4 A textured tunnel to test texture filters

listing 6.3 A triangle rendered using shaders
listing 6.4 Modify our shader triangle using time and a uniform
listing 6.5 Use a flat shader program on a torus
listing 6.6 Create a shader that renders diffuse shading
listing 6.7 Create a shader that renders gourad shading
listing 6.8 Create a shader that renders phong shading
listing 6.9 Create a shader that renders phong shading with a texture
listing 6.10 Create a shader that renders a dissolving texture
listing 6.11 Create a shader that renders cell (toon) shading

listing 7.1 Load a rectangilar texture (ortho view)
listing 7.2 Load a cube map and use it for a reflection shader and a sky box
listing 7.3 Convert the last assignment to support multiple textures
listing 7.4 Create a star field using point sprites
listing 7.5 Modify the last lesson to discard part of the partical render